Welcome to this site. The motivation for it was simple. It has, however, evolved into something different than I had originally planned. It is the detour that interests me most.

Immediately following the publication of the first page I noticed that the site was being probed from all over the globe. I had checked the server logs and saw a steady stream of requests for pages on this site that don't exist. I didn't announce this site and not only does no one know I'm here, no one knows what pages are here. Yet there was request after request, from Absecon (New Jersey) to Zwolen (Poland). So what, then, is going on here?

Almost without exception the visitors were looking for vulnerabilities. The visitors, mainly bots (computer programs that probe the internet either randomly or methodically), are looking for exploits (weaknesses or flaws in computer software) that will give them access to vast riches beyond belief, secrets of nations, dirty pictures of Bea Arthur, the recipe of Coca Cola, and more! Well, sorry to disappoint you because this site has none of that and honestly, if there were buried treasure here, don't you think I would have found it and already escaped to a tropical paradise? Darn tootin!

So here we are. But be careful because this site is unforgiving. Vulnerability probes (and careless typing) will likely result in your IP Address being blocked. Here is a partial summary of the locations of unique IP Addresses that have visited this site.

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